Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know when I need assistance?

Ask yourself, is my time as a busy Real Estate agent better spent doing paperwork and scheduling home inspections or working on getting new listings or finding new buyers?  What is your time worth?  What can you spend your time on that will generate more money for you and your family?

How do I get started using Top Choice Solutions?

There are three easy ways.....

One, contact us using the Contact Us page in this website.

Two, call or text us at:  239-268-1006.

Three, email us at:

Do you require me to sign any type of agreement or contract?

Only our agreement form will need to be signed. This will be filled out by us once you have contacted us about the property and sent to you.  Once you have signed that and return it to us, we will start processing your Contract to Close within 24 hours.

If I use Top Choice Solutions, how does that promote my business?

You can rest easy knowing that you and your team will always be promoted with your clients during every conversation that we have with them. Our goal is to promote you, the Real Estate professional during all phases of the contract to close transaction. In most instances your client will not even know that we are a separate company, we are part of YOUR team, not the other way around.

How will you keep me informed and up to date throughout the process?

Communication is key in this business and we pride ourselves here at Top Choice Solutions in keeping everyone as updated as possible. We will communicate via phone, text and emails to ensure that everyone is up to date throughout the entire process.

How does the payment process work?

Payment is not due until the closing date of your contracted property. Once closed you will receive a billing invoice via email and within that email invoice you can choose to pay with any major credit card or bank transfers, all from within that invoice.

How much does it cost to use Top Choice Solutions?

Our services are based on a per contract flat fee with no minimum number of contracts required. 

I work with a high producing team. How many contracts can you handle per month?

Top Choice Solutions is highly skilled and organized firm, ready to handle what ever your team may need.  Our goal is to help your business BRING IT ON!!